Berkeley, CA

Berkeley, CA
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Gates Contractor in Berkeley, CA – We expertize in Automatic/Electric Driveway Gates Installation & Repairs

Automatic Gates Installation

Through Automatic Gates Installation services, homeowners and business owners can protect their buildings. We offer everything from gate styles to operations and installation services. The right company will help you get the finest quality gates. You’ve got a lot of Automatic Gates Installation services to choose from.

Why Hire for Gate Installation
Some individuals install their gates by themselves, while others hire the specialists to guarantee the quality of installation. The resilience of the gate mostly rely on the installation process. It is crucial to consider several factors. As there are various types of automatic gates available, the installation procedure also differs respectively. Here are a few advantages of Automatic Gates Installation.

Why are Automatic Gates or Electric Gates Useful?

• You can stay inside your vehicle while the gates are opening. There is a remote controlled by the driver or any person from the house or the car.

• One’s home will have higher security with it. Homes without gates are more susceptible to robbery than those with gates.

• Increase the price of your house. A beautiful property will sell for a higher price in the market especially when it has high security.

Varieties of Automatic Gates

Swing Gates and Sliding Gates

Swing gates look like common gates. They’re operated through hydraulics. Installing them is simple because their design is traditional. Installing of sliding gates are commonly done on sloped places and smaller spaces. The sliding operation only works when the bolts and tracks are installed appropriately.
Wooden Gates

Through cutting, wooden gates can go well with the driveway’s size or shape. Wood is a classic material that doesn’t go out of style. This material is more affordable inspite of the beauty it offers.
Metal Gates

Metal gates can have various designs, which could match any style the home owner wants. Since metal is a strong material, making use of it to make one’s gates ensures the highest security. Right installation ensures the gates live up to their features.
Driveway GateDriveway Gates

Vehicle owners who have automatic driveway gates do not waste tie opening and closing their gates themselves every time they leave. To ensure the property and the car are secured, automatic driveway gates have auto-lock features.
Entryway Gates with Intercom

Entryway gates can be connected with an intercom system from inside your house. If anyone wanted to enter the gate, it would be simple to know who it was through the intercom.

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