San Rafael, CA

San Rafael, CA
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Automatic & Electric Gates Contractor in San Rafael, CA – Specialists in all types of Wooden or Metallic gates for Driveways & Entryways

How to pick Automatic Gates Installation Services Wisely?

Several homeowners select automatic gates simply because they offer a lot of advantages. Clients who need help looking for the best gates get help from us. We offer economical price range on installation, repair, and maintenance services. Rest assured our services are of the top quality. We concentrate on our client’s needs.

Advantages of Automatic Gates or Electric Gates

Automatic gates can be set up according to the user’s preference. The intercom systems and alarms could be connected to improve the security features of the gates. When you get the best automatic gates installation, you gain the following:

• Children and pets can be more secured. Accidents can be avoided since you can set when the gates will open and close.

• Your house can become more attractive. Various designs and materials are now available for those who would like to enhance their properties.

• It makes your property safer from invasion. Burglars would most likely target houses that are not secure.

• It serves as barrier against unwanted solicitors. Solicitors could stay outside instead of knocking in your door directly.

• You can drive in and out of the driveway without any hassle. Drivers don’t need to get off the vehicle to open or close gates.

Gate Installation

The caliber of the automatic gates also depend highly on the installation procedure they went through. Safety measures, specific methods, and making sure that everything is fully equipped must be part of the installation procedure. An expert automatic gates installation company can provide this to its clients.

Kinds of Automatic Gates Available

Metal Gates
If you’re looking for the toughest gates, choose metal gates. There are Iron, Aluminium, and Steel types of metal gates you can select.
Wooden Gates
Wooden gates are still a preferred option until now. Wood can be stuck together, reshaped, and resized to fit the entryway you want it to fill.

Swing Gates
Swing gates are automatic through gate openers. Experts should be the one to install the gadgets as they know how to avoid mistakes that could cause certain damages.

Sliding Gates
The proper operations of the sliding gates requires also the right installation of the bolts, sliders, along with other tools. Be aware that assembling these sliding gate materials need the knowledge of professional automatic gates installers.

Driveway and Entry Way Gates (with Intercom)
Intercom is a great addition to your automatic gates. When you want to keep outsiders away from your residence, you can tell them through the intercom system.

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