Automatic Gate Opener Repair Atherton, CA – Gate Motor / Operator Repairs

Automatic Gate Opener Repair Atherton, CA – Gate Motor / Operator Repairs
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Call (650) 419-3565: Automatic Gate Repair in Atherton, CA (for any motor malfunction or circuit problem)

Why Employ Gate Opener Services?

Our services provide repair and installation of gate openers. Gate openers are equipment attached to gates, so they open automatically. We offer top quality installation of gate openers; apart from help you pick the best model of gate opener. Experts follow protocols and perform in-depth inspection when installing gates. It guarantees the resilience of the devices.

To know whether the gadget is reparable after automation is damaged, try opening or closing the gate manually. If the manual function is fine, there’s something wrong with the automatic operations and there’s a need to contact automatic gate opener repair services instantly. You could call our company for repairs, as well. Problems with gate openers take place because of varied reasons. The following are the problems that normally take place with gate opener.

Immovable gates
Improper stoppage
There are beeping sounds coming from it

Learning more about Gate Openers

Sliding gates and swing gates use gate openers. They could be attached to existing gates or gates that are to-be-installed, since they are flexible and compatible to almost every gate model. The remote controller can be used from the house or the vehicle. In some models, owners can set the unit to close and lock the gates automatically after they leave or go inside the property. The gate openers may either have a hydraulic or electromechanical mechanism. Depending on the model, they can be screw-driven, arm openers and underground openers. Gate openers can also work with intercom systems.

Advantages of Having Gate Motor/Opener

There are several advantages gate openers provide to properties with swing gates or sliding gates, like:


Adding gates in general makes a property safer from prying eyes of thieves and individuals with malicious intents. Automatic gate openers heighten the security of your house.

Adds Value to Property
In case you may want to sell your home in the future, adding gate openers will help increase its value. Remember that homes with great security are more attractive to the eyes of customers.

It doesn’t need much maintenance

The best thing about these automatic gate openers is that they don’t require much maintenance. It’s always best to install them appropriately so they can last a lot longer.

Automatic gate openers are the best choices for parents who want to keep their child protected from the road. Get openers are also popular to pet owners.

What Makes us the best choice?
For your gate opener repair and installation needs, call our company for outstanding services. We make sure low-cost installation and good-as-new repair or replacement.