Gate Opener Repairs & Installation in Berkeley, CA (for automatic / electric gate motors)

Gate Opener Repairs & Installation in Berkeley, CA (for automatic / electric gate motors)
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Call (510) 556-0446 for Gate Opener Installation or Repair in Berkeley, CA; we handle all kinds of electric gate repairs

Selecting the right Gate Opener Services

You can contact us to repair and install gate openers. With gate openers, gates can open and close automatically. We could guide you in picking the best gate opener in the market as well as install gate openers at a professional level. Experts only install the gates right after they have undergone comprehensive inspection and certain procedures. This helps make sure the devices last for very long.

To know whether the device is reparable right after automation is damaged, try opening or closing the gate manually. This is a sign that there are issues with the automatic functions and you need to get automatic gate opener repair services instantly. We offer repair services, as well. Problems with gate openers happen due to different reasons. Listed below are some common problems with gate openers.

The gate is not moving
Gates do not stop at the best place
The gate produces noise when moved.

Learning more about Gate Openers

You can connect gate openers to sliding gates and swing gates to automate them. The flexibility of these gadgets make them ideal for both old and new gates. The gadgets function with a switch from a transmitter in your car. Most gates lock automatically after a few minutes of being opened, so it secures the property. There are hydraulics or electromechanical kinds of gate openers you can select from. The kinds vary with their mechanisms that could be controlled by screw, arm openers, and underground openers. Owners can also connect intercom systems to their gate openers.

Why You Need A Gate Motor/Opener

Both sliding gates and swing gates can profit from having gate openers attached to them.


Gates give the feeling of a secured home since it keeps burglars from targeting your property first. Automatic gate openers heighten the safety of your home.

Improve Property Value
When you have a plan on selling your house later on, then you should start increasing its value now by installing gate openers. The first concern of many property buyers is the security of the residents who’ll live in the house.

Maintenance is minimal

Regular maintenance of gate openers is not required. Their durability increases once they are set up properly.

Those with kids can rest assured the gate openers will work in keeping them secure inside the property. Get openers are also popular to pet owners.

What Makes us the best choice?
You can rely on our company for your gate opener installation and repair services. The technicians in our company can improve the performance of the devices despite their low service charges.